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Mike Kenner, Biological Technician
University of California, Santa Cruz


My main interests lie in the area of kelp forest ecology. I've been part of what is now the Tinker/Estes lab since 1984 and have been monitoring permanent intertidal and subtidal sites at San Nicolas Island in southern California since then. I have also been involved in benthic habitat sampling in Baja California , central and northern California , Washington, southeast Alaska , throughout the Aleutian Islands and Bering Islands in Russia . In addition to my ecosystem work, I assist with the semi-annual California sea otter census both as a counter and by entering the data into GIS, and I'm one of the divers that captures sea otters for tagging and instrumentation studies.


BS University of California , Irvine 1980 Biological Sciences

MS California State University, Hayward and Moss Landing Marine Laboratories 1988 Marine Sciences


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